era Design 4 Mini Monitors, Cherry Veneer Finish - SOLD

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The era Design 4 drivers were created by speaker legend Michael Kelly (Aerial Acoustics). His design incorporated upgrading the tweeter to silk and using a composite four-inch driver. Another design highlight is the one inch thick MDF used for the cabinet. The era Design 4 cabinet shape was the brainchild of Signal Path executives David Solomon and Jim Spainhour. These choices show the seriousness that Signal Path has in creating a quality monitor, instead of a quick moneymaker.

Due to the forward nature of the systems bass, the mid frequencies tend to sit back. This doesn’t mean that they go lacking. It’s just more of a European sound that tends to try and draw the listener in, rather than push out. Think ProAc Super Tabs or Totem, Dreamcatchers but with a more rigid cabinet and proprietary drivers. This pairing equates to a truly world class mini monitor - the sound is intoxicating and in our humble opinion, superior to both minis mentioned.

These era Design 4s are new old stock. We popped them out of the box for a quick demo with a KEF, KC62 dual firing digital sub and the results are stunning. Not that these need a sub but, the KEF brings out the lowest register and fully completes the sonic excellence.  Come complete with double boxing, OM & factory brackets for wall mounting.

Come demo these era, mini monitors at our Lawrence showroom or purchase with confidence via this website.

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* Note, stands are not included.