Fisher 30a Tube Monoblocks, Fully Restored "Time Machines!"

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Every once in a while we get a chance to see and hear some astonishingly great gear.  Some of it is newer, some of it older.  Very rarely do we get a chance to experience historic items that sound this incredible, are that are in carefully restored condition to boot. Formerly part of an extensive audio collector's most valued treasures, these Fisher 30a tube monoblock amps have been treated with kid gloves and restored to an exceptional level by the tube amp expert, Mike Urban, of  These is really special pieces, and they operate better than new.

The 30a were often seen in a single chassis "stereo" formation, used in large audio consoles in the late 1950s.  Occasionally, these gems made their way onto mono chassis, commonplace during a time when mono records (and radio) were most prevalent.  Made in New York, the 30a was conservatively rated at 12 watts each, with less than 1% total harmonic distortion (THD), and a roughly 97dB signal-to-noise ratio. The specs on the 30a blew people away then, and they do today as well.  Everything about these amps exude good ol' fashioned American ingenuity and prowess, from the stamped steel casework to the massive power supply irons giving them the space they need to perform admirably. 

These 30a have been completely restored.  All tubes have been tested and the EL84 output tubes have been replaced with NOS Tung-Sol and GE tubes.  New coupling capacitors installed, and bias adjusted. New gold-plated input jacks have been installed and the amp was bench-tested and shown on the scope in January 2022 to max output of 12 watts at less than 1% THD.  INCREDIBLE for a set that is over 65 years old!

Don't sleep on these!  

$1,899 (plus applicable shipping and/or sales tax)

* Physical condition can be described as "patina'd" and very presentable. Given these amps are almost 7 decades old, they have a few marks on them.  

** Being sold as a set, will not separate.