Fisher 400-C Tube Preamp, A Real Time Capsule! - SOLD

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The Fisher 400-C Stereomaster Tube Preamplifier is an iconic and highly sought after unit built from 1958-1959.  For its time, the 400-C was a remarkable piece of hifi equipment, and set the tone for dozens of other products that followed.  This preamp proved to the world that tube electronics could not only be used to reproduce sound, but also enhance it, bringing the term hi-fidelity into everyday household vocabulary. 

With a multitude of input jacks and controls to accommodate many types of system setups, the 400-C was as versatile as it was a true and honest performer. Four configurable outputs allowed the unit to be used in various stereo and mono setups simultaneously.  And during a time when AC outlets were not quite as plentiful as they are today, the Stereomaster also offered four additional power outlets to keep power organized and centralized. 

This unit is a real time capsule.  With some slight blemishes, that after 60 years could be considered "period-correct" patina, the unit is still in lovely cosmetic shape.  The walnut veneered case looks beautiful against the smoky champagne face of the preamp.  A fully tested tube compliment and recently cleaned controls means this unit is "plug and play" ready.  Of course, tweaks can always be made, but we'll leave those for the new owner. 

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