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If you're familiar with tube audio, the name Fisher needs no introduction. Named after Avery Fisher, its founder and guiding light, the company began in 1945 and produced some of the world's best-performing and most elegantly designed high-fidelity equipment during the 1950s and 1960s. The Model 400 FM receiver shown here was manufactured from 1964 to 1968. Some tube enthusiasts rank it as one of the finest FM receivers ever made.

The 400 closely resembles the Fisher 500 and 800series receivers, with a brushed metal faceplate and brass-faced knobs. Left of the dial is the famous Fisher bird logo, with a musical note in its beak.

The walnut veneer cabinet has a gold metal grille at the back, providing extra ventilation for the audio output tubes.

The front view shows the 400's straightforward controls, with five round knobs for tuning, power/volume, left-right balance, treble, and bass. A sixth knob selects among several functions: tape aux, FM mono, FM stereo with filter, FM stereo, phono stereo, phono mono, and tape head.

Slider switches control the tape monitor, speaker on/off, high-frequency filter, and loudness contour circuits. A stereo headphone jack is located between the two pairs of slider switches.

On the right side of the dial is a single "magic eye" tube that indicates signal strength. Even though eye tubes have been largely superseded by LED indicators, I think they're a lot of fun. Have them in my own Cary, Rocket 88r - yep, very cool.

The speaker terminal, near the center, lets you select 4-ohm, 8-ohm, or 16-ohm speakers. A single jack in the center lets you connect a monophonic "center channel" speaker.

The antenna terminal appears to the left. Next to it are two outlets for powering tape and phono equipment. To the right are six pairs of jacks labeled tape head, phono low, phono high, record out, tape mon, and aux tape. Directly above them, on the upper chassis surface, are four more connectors (here, bridged with jumpers) for connecting a Fisher K-10 "Spacexpander" reverb system.

Also visible in the the rear view pics are the receiver's four audio output tubes, separated from the output transformers by a metal shield to direct heat outward. The 400 uses all-glass Novar type 7868 tubes in a push-pull configuration. This 400 has been originally fitted with Fisher branded Telefunken tubes. Those of you reading this know all too well the value and performance of Telefunken valves in any denomination - this amp plays rich & creamy with the greatest of all tube qualities. Just an AMAZING time capsule piece in sold 9+ appearance with breathtaking performance. It's no wonder these old Fishers are gaining in popularity (and rarity) ESPECIALLY with it's flawless wood case. 

I'd say come demo this unit but it's not even making it to the sales floor. It's already promised to Dr. Rob down in NJ. He's pairing this with the JBL, C51 he purchased from us (total resto) last year. 

Fisher, 400 Tube Reciever with Full Suite of Fisher branded Telefunken tubes: $989 + applicable sales tax