Focal Chorus V, 826V & CC800V - "Idéal" French Setup

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Focal is a French loudspeaker company that had their beginnings in 1979 as driver manufacturers, and suppliers to the DIY community.  In the late 1980s all that changed when Focal adopted the JM Lab monicker to develop their own line of factory-fresh loudspeakers.  The JM Lab Vega and Utopia were some of the first models introduced in 1991-1992 and created an award-winning approach to hifi for the company. 

Fast forward to the 2010s, and we have the evolution of decades of research and manufacturing of hi-end components and systems.  The Chorus V consisted of an entire line of bookshelf, floor standing, and surround sound speakers, all built to an exceptional standard at reasonable hifi price points.  

The Chorus 826V we have here was known for exceptional clarity across the entire frequency spectrum.  These speakers emit a beautiful soundstage and produce effortless lows and highs alike.  The vocal clarity and realism is just wonderful.   The magnesium-deposited inverted 1" dome tweeter has become a Focal hallmark and it does not disappoint.  The line array of 7" polyglass cone woofers are efficient, fast, and generally fantastic.

For home theater enthusiasts, we have these speakers paired with the CC800V center channel speaker....Designed to match the timbre and dynamics of the 826V perfectly!  The build quality and materials used on all of these speakers is fantastic. These speakers came from a loving, non-smoking home with nearly blemish-free finishes on every surface. 

Demos are encouraged here in Lawrence, MA. 

$1,999 for the 3-piece set. 

Priced Separately:  $1,699 for the towers & $499 for the CC. 

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