Forté F 44 "Class A" Linestage - SOLD

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Forté Audio was the companion line to Threshold,... that being said, much of Threshold's technology found its way to into the Forte' product line.

The Forté F44 is a Pure Class A, two channel, preamplifier line stage, with 6 inputs, plus tape loop. Has 2 pre outs as well as balanced inputs as well as balanced outputs.J-fet inputs with FET outputs is main topology of this unit.

The F44 has completely gold plated rotating switch contacts and signal connectors, will not oxidize and the switch bodies are sealed to prevent entry by dust or other pollutants.

Fully cascoded, DC coupled and biased in "Class A", the F44 uses a state-of-the-art, completely discrete gain stage with FET inputs. the power supply uses 12,000 mf of parallel distributed power supply capacitors of a special audio grade from Wima and Elna, manufacturer of world class, ultra low noise components. In addition, the F44 features a separate active regulated power supply for each channel. A separate active regulated power supply is used for the balanced section of the preamp as well. The F44 also employs a custom dual potted transformer with separate windings for analog and control circuitry.

The Forté F44 has the build quality that became one of the benchmarks of Threshold. Anything attached to Nelson Pass is of the highest order and the trickle-down effect in this wonderful linestage is real and measureable. The remote controls Volume and Input Selector as well as Mute. The Volume and Input Selector are motor driven as opposed to electronic switching. Input Selector on remote is inoperable... all other functions remain in force. Remote switching only. 

Have a deep appreciation for Forté products ane this F44 Pure Class A lineatage is a no frills direct line linestage that hits way above its price point. Paired here with a B&K Reference, 2220 power amp (SOLD) & for less than $1300 the pair, is a killer set of electronics capable of driving some serious speakers. Like the Thiel, CS5 (coming soon) they are connected to now. Just WOW!

Come demo this fine Forte' Linestage here at the Lawrence shop or buy with confidence here on our site.

Forté F44 Pure Class A Linestage: $589 plus sales tax where applicable