Fostex (Horn Shoppe) FE108EZ Speakers, Back-Loaded Horns - SOLD

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Fostex mades incredible full-rage drivers, and has for many many years.  The discipline it takes to develop a full-rage driver -- one that is light enough to vibrate at high frequencies without break-up, and stiff enough to produce convincing bass without distortion -- is a feat in itself.  Fostex does this by using ultra-light paper pulp cones with geometric impressions to stiffen the cone where it's needed without adding unwanted mass.  Every aspect of the FE108EZ driver has been engineered for full-range performance.

The Horn-Shoppe enclosures compliment the driver very well, providing just enough acoustic support to emphasize the low registers and mellow the midrange output to give a very convincing performance.  Couple these speakers with an SET amp of about 3-6 watts and the combination is enveloping.  Add a subwoofer, and just sit down and enjoy.

Demos are available at our Lawrence, MA showroom.

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