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Irving "Bud" Fried was a legend in audio, and speaker design specifically.  Bud was fascinated by early 1960s studies of "non-resonant" speaker enclosures, today known as transmission-line.  The concept utilizes essential a tunnel built inside a speaker enclosure, with multiple bends, each tuned to a specific purpose -- Usually by ear.  The concept is extremely effective at lowering a system's resonant frequency  and producing surprisingly low bass from components that traditionally can't perform at those levels.   Bud utilized his designs under multiple brands, most recognizably, IMF speakers out of the UK.  

Under his own brand "Fried Electronics" Bud developed a new series of transmission-line designs.  This particular model, the G/3, is a perfect example of Bud's design acumen in one speaker setup.  The G/3 starts with a high-quality 3/4" dome tweeter from Hiquphon. An in-house designed dual-voicecoil 6.5" midrange in its own sealed chamber, and a large long-throw 10" treated paper pulp woofer at the start of a long transmission line enclosure.  If the TL-shape were stretch out across the floor (instead of being folded on itself inside the box) it would be somewhere between 10-12 feet long.   

The G/3 is an extremely well-balanced setup.  It's of a reasonably high efficiency (91 dB), which allows it to be used with moderately powered amps of the utmost quality, even tubes.  The angle front baffle helps with time alignment between the mid and tweeter, but also projects a broad soundstage that becomes immersive very readily.  And the low-end response is tremendous; with a measured frequency response down to 23 Hz -3dB.  

This particular set was repainted in gloss black by the prior owner which gives them a very unique finish.  There are a few marks here and there from age, but overall the speakers are very presentable.  They are BIG, however, so someone with space constraints may want to think twice.  But if you have the room for them, they will reward you with amazing music in a way you've probably never heard before.

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA. 

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