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Here we have a Great American Sound, G.A.S. Grandson Stereo Servo-Loop Power Amplifier in excellent working  and visual condition. The Grandson delivers a pretty potent bang for the buck and was a favorite of dorm rooms across America with its matching Thalia, servo loop preamp. 

The vintage & classic GAS, Grandson Stereo Power Amplifier was created by James Bongiorno, renowned amp designer at SAE. It is conservatively rated at 40 W/ch into 8 Ohms, 80 W/ch into 4 Ohms and 120 W/ch into a 2 Ohm load. The build is super solid with large power supply and heat sinks that can be seen in the pictures. Reviews attest to the great sound quality and ability to drive difficult loads. This is the much more desired model with the super cool METERS! 

Threre's always extensive discussion of the Grandson online. Given its excellent design and build quality, the audiophile blogs have a lot of information about people adding refinements to further elevate its performance. This one's 100% all original non-modified. It's had ans extended bench session with our expert in-house tech and has been re-biased and brought back to spec. Full "hygiene" and readied for the next owner to fully engage in his or her setup.

Come listen to this fine G.A.S amp here at our Lawrence showroom or purchase with confidence via this website.

Great American Sound, Grandson of Ampzilla: $449.00 + applicable sales tax