Genalex (England) Vintage KT88 Power Tubes - SIMPLY THE BEST!

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OK so we have now entered the "tube lane" HARD with this offering... Matched Quad +1 of vintage Genalex and Genalex Gold Lion KT88 Power Tubes. These tubes are widely considered the greatest power tubes of their kind ever produced. Genalex of ENGLAND, not the later Russian variations. These come in their original (fragile) boxes and packaging.

So you say you're a tube collector - not many more rare and HIGHLY desireable power packages than these. Simply THE BEST!

We are offering these in Matched Pairs (GLs +1) or the entire (5) that all test above 75% in life remaining - exceptional opportunity. Just amazingly rare tubes in beautiful playing and visual condition.

(2) Genalex Black Plate, Single "O" Getter 1964, 1st Edition KT88 Tubes 80/81 - $999

(3) Genalex Gold Lion Black Plate Tripple "O" Getter 1970 KT88 Tubes 80/80/75 - $900.00 - SOLD!

These tubes are essentially the same performance-wise even though there is a "getter" and labeling change. Do your research & when you want to experience the very best power package there is, we're here and have the goods.

DO NOT miss these... Gotta call at 978-766-3770 if you want to purchase or need more info... BGR (Brian R)