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Genesis Physics was founded in 1975 by former associates of Win Burhoe's EPI (Epicure Products) company, based in Newburyport, MA.  The new company competed directly with EPI and started making speakers in nearby Newington, NH.  The adaptation of the inverted dome tweeter, this time using ferrofluid cooling for increased power handling and damping, and carry-over of the efficient "wide band" 8" paper cone woofer technology mean Genesis speakers bear a very close resemblance to their EPI/Epicure cousins.  

The Genesis 320 utilizes a 3-way design employing two of Genesis' signature 8" woofers, a 4" cone midrange, and 1" inverted dome tweeter.  The speaker bears a very close resemblance to the earlier Model III and III+, but instead of a 10" passive radiator, the active 8" bottom woofer in a full sealed enclosure provides bass response that is more akin to older sealed-box enclosures from AR and Advent.  Frequency response is clean and controlled.  

This pair have cleaned up very nicely. The woodgrain veneer is in excellent condition.  The drivers all function 100% with new woofer foam recently installed.  The original 4" midranges were replaced with NOS parts from Human Speakers, the Genesis speaker expert and historian.   Crossovers were treated with high quality poly-film capacitors.  The sounds these speakers create are effortless and silky.  With 90dB efficiency, they can be powered by nearly any amp and provide exceptional results no matter what the circumstances. 

Note, one rear terminal has had the plastic cover removed, this does not impact functionality. See photos. 

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