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We have been lucky to audition, own, buy, and sell incredible gear from dozens of manufacturers from around the globe.  We occasionally, but rarely, get the chance to represent equipment as incredible and rare as these: Genesis Technologies 200 Loudspeaker System.  With an original retail price range of $50,0000 to $70,000 depending on finish, this system was a crowning achievement for world-renown speaker designer Arnie Nudell.  Arnie's resume in the audio industry is a mile long and his legacy continues to live on through brands like Infinity, PS Audio, and Genesis...All companies that are still making incredible audio equipment today. We are honored and humbled to be able to represent this system and giddy to be able to listen to it nearly every day!

The Genesis 200 are legendary speakers with many  improvements from Nudell's successful and famous Infinity IRS Series V. With about 10 years between them, Genesis, without the financial constraints of the larger Harman Corporation hindering creativity and quality, elevated the IRS-V design to something extraordinary.

The Genesis 200 system consists of four major modules: 2 x Midrange /Tweeter towers and 2 x Bass towers. Each module stands about 6-1/2 feet tall and are covered in beautiful South American Rosewood, and fitted on black lacquered sculpted bases.

Each bipolar Midrange / Tweeter Tower houses a Bohlender-Graebener ribbon midrange and fifteen Nudell-designed ribbon tweeters in a line source array, of which twelve are fitted to the front baffle, and three to the rear. Two wings are attached to the baffle to shape the rear sound wave and mitigate cancellation.  At the base of each of the M/T towers is the speaker's passive crossover, filled with mylar bipolar capacitors and foil inductors of the highest possible quality. The crossover has two controls, one for the tweeter level and one for upper midrange for matching room acoustics and positioning. Your amplifier and cable complement of choice are then used to power these left and right M/T units.

The Bass towers are simply tremendous.  Each woofer tower has eight 8-inch coated composite cone woofers, four in front and four in back.  Each unit is Servo-Controlled by a dedicated Genesis Bass Amplifier that houses four servo amps for a total of 1500 watts (2000 watts peak) power. It covers both 120v/240v and there are 4 Swiss Neutrik connectors for the supplied, custom-designed, 25-foot long Audioquest OFC cabling.  The amp offers both balanced and unbalanced inputs and comes with a remote control used to dial in output, hi- and lo- crossover point, and slope using a "DSP-like" logic. 

The sound of this system is absolutely amazing.  Highs and mids are detailed, airy, open, spacious.... Literally any positive attribute or adjective you could throw at them. The bass towers have depth, speed, presence, and impact like we have never witnessed.   If you like cuff of your pants to dance to the music while you sit in your chair, these are the bass towers for you...They move that much air!

This system is in PERFECT working order. There are some minor scuffs here and there, and one minor veneer crack at the top left corner of one of the HF towers, likely form trying to move these monsters.  Barely noticeable.  The cloth-covered grilles are completely in tact and in excellent shape.  The amplifiers has nary a scratch on it. 

Due to the size and weight of this system, conventional shipping is not possible.  However, we will DELIVER to buyers east of the Mississippi River for free.  Between there and California, delivery rates would vary with final location. We use our own courier for special circumstances with this to ensure no damage occurs on the journey.  

We encourage anyone interested to demo these speakers in our Lawrence, MA showroom.  We are also able to post videos outlining condition and proof of operation prior to purchase. 

This is a nearly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the most discerning audiophile to own a $50,000+ system for a fraction of the original cost, with the assurance that the system has been cared for, examined, and serviced by the best!

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