George Wright, PH-1 Custom One-Off Tube MM Phono Preamp

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So this is an interesting piece to say the least. It's a George Wright Prototype Tube Phono Preamp, The PH-1. It was built on the chassis & design George had produced for the mass market but shifted direction before fully launching this piece. It was then built out for Richard K and sold to him as a one-off build. It's a MM only piece using all silver wiring and with (3) ECC83 tubes in the output stage and (1) 6CA4 BH rectifier. It's truly an amazing preamp. If you run all SS and want that lush tube sound through your analog setup, this is the perfect component for you. We have been using it all week and our intern it absolutely smitten by it. Won't find another one anywhere and like all Richard's pieces, it's a special, unique & infinitely interesting piece. Has that super vintage 70s vibe - spectacular!

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Wright, (George Wright) PH-1 Phono Preamp: $499 plus sales tax where applicable