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Right out of the gate on viewing the X-1’s appearance it’s obvious that careful attention has been paid to the design of the cabinet. The X-1 is 15" tall, 11" wide and almost 14" deep, weighing in at 27 pounds. Both the left and right cabinet walls slope toward a smaller top panel, giving the speaker the look of a truncated pyramid. The resulting design is visually enticing and has benefits such as increased strength and rigidity and diminished internal standing waves. The cabinet walls are over 1" thick, and the construction is more intricate than it appears. Each panel is actually two 1/2" MDF panels with a special damping material in between. The purpose of this is to create an improved wall structure with better performance than simply using solid MDF panels. The tweeter is a 1" Vifa dome and the woofer is a custom-made 6" job, with porting of the speaker done out the back. 

Like with all Gershman loudspeakers, first-order crossovers are used. Gershman-supplied measurements indicate a -3dB point at 40Hz, a sensitivity of 87dB, and an impedance nominally rated at 8 ohms. In general, the X-1 is an easy load that most reasonably powerful amplifiers will have no trouble with. The X-1 comes ready for biwiring, with its high-quality posts, although I used the speakers single-wired for the entire time.

The X-1 is a compact, elegant little unit that looks exquisite perched on appropriately high stands (depending on your seating position, 24"- to 28"-high stands are what’s needed). 

So, never heard of Gershmwn Acoustics,... OK well GA is a Canadian manufacturer/brand of truly high end speakers. Their design and build quality are of the highest order. The brand is limited in its distribution here in the states but do know, they are highly respected products in the global audio community.

These X1 are in excellent 9 condition and perform flawlessly with every piece of electronics they've peen plugged into. These need to be heard to be believed. Just amazingly full, robust and accurate in a way FEW standmount speakers display. Just amazing!

Come have a listen to these fabulous Gershman speakers here at the Lawrence shop or purchase with confidence online via this website 

Gershman, X1 Standmount Monitors: $799.00 plus applicable sales tax

* Linn Stands NOT included