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Incredibly rare, made in Albany, NY,  Glenmonitor Double-Eight Series II loudspeakers come from a very short-lived but acclaimed lineage. Glenmonitor first launched in 1985 with the “Cubit” loudspeaker, a design that was a cross between an Allison Six and a desktop pencil cup. They were known for excellent, reasonably full-range sound from a very compact package.   Glen Brown designed and built these speakers by himself, lore has it, from his garage. A few other models followed the Cubit: the Midbit, the Blockhead, and the Double-Eight. 

These Double-Eights are the “Series II” where Glen swapped the bottom 8” woofer for a 10” with a slightly lower resonant frequency.  The design is a 3.5-way, with a sealed back midrange and 1” poly dome Seas tweeter. The woofers are crossed-over at different frequencies allowing them to integrate more gradually into the very efficient midrange.  

These speakers were repainted by students at Whittier Technical High School in Haverhill, MA, who did an excellent job. All drivers have been serviced and the sound is as impactful as the look.  They do not disappoint!!!

Available to demo at our Lawrence, MA showroom. 

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