Gold Note Donatello Cartridges, Red or Gold

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The Donatello line of cartridges are exceptional Moving Coil models from the renown Italian manufacturer, Gold Note.  Maker of the absolutely stunning sounding PH-10 phono preamp (of which we have sold many), the Donatello line of cartridges are hand-built and computer-modeled little wonders.  The line consists of the "Red" High Output Moving Coil (HOMC) and "Gold" Low Output Moving Coil (LOMC).  Both cartridges feature a machined duralumin housing and light weight mechanism, keeping the total mass at just under 7 grams. 

The high precision micro-elliptical stylus and lightweight aluminum cantilever deliver incredible frequency response and tracking. The Red provides an output of 1.8mV and can be used with both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil phono stages (with proper adjustments).  The Gold sends a lower 0.5mV output to your MC-only phono preamp with a suggested load setting of 470 ohm. 

Both of these cartridges are amazing performers and offer an excellent value for those looking to dabble in the world of Moving Coil wonderment. 

Donatello Red (HOMC), $999

Donatello Gold (LOMC) $1,199