Goldring Moving Coil (MC) Cartridges

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We have chosen a lineup of Moving Coil cartridges from Goldring that provide a superb platform for vinyl fans at all levels.  Each cartridge is hand-assembled and tested for the highest levels of quality control. Awards have been distributed across Goldring's Moving Coil range for sound quality, detail, depth, and realism.  

Whether you are replacing an old cartridge or looking to climb the ladder in sound output and quality, you can't go wrong with any of these choices from Goldring.  All cartridges feature low-mass bodies, low tip mass, and precision cut styli.  Hand-constructed coils and cantilevers and innovative use of body materials contribute to the entire playback experience.  

Note, the Eroica HX is designed as a "high-output" moving coil, and may be compatible with many MM phono stages.


Eroica HX, $799, Specifications

Eroica LX, $829, Specifications

Elite, $999, Specifications

Ethos, $1499, Specifications