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The TubeDAC-11 Turns up to 5 of of your source players into High-End Tube Source Players.

This newly designed Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11 replaces the hugely popular previous TubeDAC-09 but still keeps all the popular features and will process uo to 24/192 high res signals plus a much more refined sound.

High fidelity re-design from ground up, and still with a reasonable budget in mind. This vacuum Tube Digital-to-Analog Converter will connect you with modern media technologies without sacrificing the sound quality of analog.

It is a 5-in-1 unit: can be used as 1) external USB DAC for laptop through any output, 2) headphone amp, 3) tube processor for analog signal, 4) digital decoder for optical and coaxial signal, 5) pre-amplifier with volume control

You can use it directly with your digital source such as laptop and music server and play music back through your existing amplifier or powered speakers. Or you can simply get a pair of high quality headphones and enjoy the music in private!

Breath new life into your older CD or DVD players either by connecting them to the digital or analog inputs. Turn your Blue Ray Player into a higher-end music/audio player.

Computer game music will also become less fatiguing with the tube processing of the TubeDAC-11.



  • (5) sets of selectable inputs to allow you plenty of choices – including 2 sets RCA, 1 coaxial, 1 optical and 1 USB
  • (2) sets of RCA Outputs tailored to your taste – one with transistor and one with a single 6N11 vacuum tube (can be replaced with 6922, E88CC, 6DJ8, 6H23n and CCa tubes) with passive volume control
  • DAC direct output – by pass tube buffer stage and volume control for you to match the DAC with other high end amplification (amp must have its own volume control as DAC direct output pass signal at full volume)
  • Built-in transistor headphone amp to allow you enjoy music in privacy (standard 6.5mm jack). Alternatively, you can use a RCA to 6.5mm jack adapter to connect headphones directly to the rear tube output. Note: front solid state headphone out can accept headphone with impedance as low as 16ohm; rear tube out only work properly with headphones with impedance over 300 ohm. 
  • Key parts are of audiophile quality throughout
  • High efficiency low noise custom toroidal transformer which is usually only used on high end audio
  • Separate power supply to tube circuitry to reduce interference
  • Gold coated signal connectors throughout
  • No over-samping – input singal pass through at original sampling rate
  • TE7022 USB 2.0 decoding chip is used to process data at 24/96kHz
  • High quality Cirrus Logic CS4398 for main D/A converter – provide rich mid-range and low clock jitter
  • ADA4075-2 as opamp for sweet midrange
  • Dual voltage (115/230V +/-10% wide range) for you to take it with you anywhere in the world
  • Brushed aluminum faceplate and complete casing
  • Complete set of cables included: (1) IEC power cord, (1) RCA, (1) Coaxial, (1) Optical and (1) USB

This is one of the most versatile pieces we've ever offered. We presently have it connected to a vintage Magnavox console tube amp and a set of AR94 floor standers and the performance is stunning! Excellent 9+ condition and preforms flawlessly.

Come demo this fine unit at our Lawrence shop or purchase with confidence via this website.

Grant Fidelity, Tube DAC-11, $299.00