Great American Sound (GAS) Ampzilla, THE Original

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The Great American Sound Company G.A.S. was formed by a small group of engineers dedicated to achieving perfection in sound reproduction. This group, whose contributions to state of the art audio included SAE & SUMO, were able to release their creativity & imagination fully on the G.A.S. Project. The result of which is fully reflected in the design and performance excellence of G.A.S. companies iconic Ampzilla Power Amps. In a little more than 3 years, Great American Sound achieved industry recognition as being among the finest components in the industry.

This Ampzilla has been gone through extensively by our in-house tech and has been brought back to spec. It's a beast. (Frankly, a bit of a beast in the looks department too, but you’ll forget about that in low-light, watching the massive backlit VU meters slam side to side when “Welcome to the Jungle” resonates your listening chamber.) With 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms, a giant heat sink and quiet fan to dissipate heat, and heavy duty build quality, this amp was a sight to see in 1974 when it was introduced.  And in a pinch, it could act as a stunt double for your toaster oven! 

Come hear this incredible Ampzilla at our Lawrence showroom.

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