Hafler DH-200 Vintage Power Amplifier - SOLD

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The Hafler DH-200 is quickly becoming an iconic US-made power amplifier that provides astonishingly good performance at an entry-level price.  At the time it was introduced, the DH-200 performed in a way that exceeded the limits of the lab testing equipment used at the time. Many audio reviewers have tested these amplifiers since then, only to discover that they still perform exceptionally well; often exceeding advertised specifications.

The DH-200 is designed to output 100 watts per channel in Class A/B operation using MOSFET output transistors.  This design is often preferred by critical solid state listeners because the A/B design provides gobs of power without excess heat dissipation or idle current draw.  And the MOSFET output stages offer a very sweet "warm" sound. 

This unit has some minor scratches to the thick, steel cabinet, but is otherwise in very nice condition.  The input terminals have been replaced with new gold-plated terminals for a solid connection.  Outputs have been tested and power output is clean and true.

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