Hafler DH-500, Monster Power Amplifier

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David Hafler has become a legend in audio circles.  Hafler made his mark early on at Dynaco and took his experiences there even further a few years alter when we started Hafler Company.  The DH-200 amplifier was the first product in the 1976 lineup and was met with critical acclaim.  A year later, the DH-500 came into being and has been rocking out ever since.

The Hafler DH-500 is a real performer, a powerhouse.  Sporting more than 250 watts per channel of Class AB power and Total Harmonic Distortion of less than .025% This amp can not only blow your doors off, but it can delicately land those doors on your front lawn at the same time.  With this amp, you get everything: intricate details, shimmering symbols, gut-clenching low-end rumble, and PUNCH. The DH-500 is a worthy addition to any audio system and will provide its listener with an incredible and memorable experience. 

This model has been thoroughly reviewed by our in-house tech with a clean bill of health.  It plays clean and delivers on the marketing hype. There are a few nicks and minor scratches to the casework, which is how we have derived such an incredibly affordable price for this piece. 

Demos are of course available in Lawrence, MA. 

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