Harman Kardon Citation Eleven - Extraordinary!

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When Harman Kardon introduced the Citation  A preamplifier several years ago, it represented  a major breakthrough in solid state design. Within a short period of time, it became the audiophile's standard of excellence. In fact, the "A" is still recognized today by many audio authorities as the finest stereo preamplifier ever designed.
With the introduction of the Citation Eleven, Harman/Kardon has once again innovated a major change in the design and function of high performance solid state stereo preamplifiers.
The Citation Eleven uses the potential of transistors more completely and creatively than any other preamplifier in existance. It is a computer-crafted instrument that easily meets or exceeds every performance parameter ever established for a preamplifier. The simple truth is that the Citation Eleven is (WAS) the best stereo preamplifier ever made. That's a bold claim but I must say, this piece plays magnificently.
The Citation Eleven employs a professional type audio equalizer which gives the user complete control over program material, room acoustic and deficiencies within the speakers. Operating at predetermined hinge points, the audio equalizer adds or deletes audio energy to any of five points within the audio spectrum to compensate for inaccuracies in program material or within the playback system. It is no longer required to match room acoustic to the speakers by re-positioning furniture or by adding draperies and rugs to the room. The Citation audio equalizer controls room acoustics by permitting the user to set the five controls to suit his own personal requirements. Hot spots, ear-piercing high, frequency response drop out, excessive bass and even mid-frequency harshness can now be cancelled out by adding or deleting audio energy at the specific points in the audio spectrum where these probllems occur.
If you're like us, we love to discover exciting iconic vintage pieces. This Citation, from the Richard K collection, is without question, the finest representation of this model in existence. It is near flawless and the custom exotic high grain African Walnut cabinet is the most beautiful I've ever seen. Truly, it's "next level" vintage excellence. This piece is a winner in every way and pair it with the Citation Twelve Power Amp we also have and you are squarely in the pocket of true 70s audio hi-end. DO NOT miss this/these pieces.
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Harman/Kardon, Ciration Eleveven Preamp with amazing African Walnut Case: $529 plus sales tax when applicable.
*Citation Twelve Power Amp also available on this site for $399 - SOLD 7/29/23