Heco DIREKT, Floorstanding Loudspeakers, "Ja!"

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Heco is not exactly a household name here in the US, but the German company has been making loudspeaker components and systems in Europe since its founding in 1949.  The Heco "HiFi Box" B130 model was the company's first consumer-oriented loudspeaker system and was an instant hit in a newly created hifi audio segment, post World War II. 

In 2015, Heco released the DIREKT loudspeaker system to celebrate 65 years of audio development.  The flagship design was created and hand-built completely in-house at Heco's headquarters in Pulheim. Inspired by the company's traditional roots, the DIREKT features a 2-way design - Somewhat of a departure from the contemporary models that preceded it.  Unique also to today's market is the use of a rather large 10" bass driver - Something not typically seen in 2-way setups in the modern era either.

The large, high-compliance and Klippel-designed low frequency driver is integrated with a 28mm coated silk dome tweeter with an over-wide surround for low resonance.  From the outside, the tweeter is set into the cabinet with a sleek brushed aluminum waveguide which further improves directionality and impedance irregularities - A trick which often allows smaller diaphragm tweeters to mate well at lower crossover points. Indeed, the 2,350 Hz crossover is low, allowing the tweeter to really sing in its lower register, while also removing any unwanted coloration from the large-diaphragm woofer.

The DIREKT wouldn't be German without all this tech, but the visual appeal is equally striking and impressive.  The retro-inspired look of this speaker is elegant and unique.  From the satin white (or black) finish and "racing stripe" accents, the brushed aluminum trim, and the tripod-styled feet...To the slight backward rake of the cabinet and softened corners.  DIREKT is a real feast for the eyes as well as the ears.

And the sounds these speakers produce are magnificent.  Highs are lively and clean without being sharp or hard.  Midrange presence is felt, but vocals float at you rather than shout.  And lows are resinous and fun.  These speakers are not going to replace someone's analytical studio monitors, but they very well could get more use for boisterous listening sessions.  

This set is in impeccable "almost new" condition and include a full compliment of hardware, the circular cloth-covered grilles, original manuals and packaging. 

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