Hegel HD10 Digital Converter... Exceptional DAC

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Hegel is a long-established firm with a strong track record. It was founded in Norway in 1988 by chief designer Bent Holter, and all their products are still manufactured there. Like most Hegel products, the HD10 has a modest, elegant appearance and is relatively small: about 8.25”W x 2.5”H x 10.25”D, and weighing just over six pounds. But it’s well built, with a black, all-metal case that feels sturdy. 

At the heart of the HD10 is an Analog Devices AD1955 DAC chip that will accept digital signals of resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz through either of the two RCA-based S/PDIF inputs on the rear panel. The TosLink connector accepts only up to 24/96, the adaptive-mode USB input to 16/48. Selecting among the four digital inputs (Coax 1 and 2, Optical, USB) is done using the single large push-button on the front panel.

This Hegel DAC, when new in 2012 was a game changer. It was a $1400 high-end piece that was a darling of media writers accross the board. Today 11 yo  later, it's STILL a formidable piece of kit and performs Incredibley well. This piece is in solid 9+ condition and is like new and blemish free. If you are now just into streaming and or want to a great piece to up the game of your CD transport or steamer, look no further. This piece is special!

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Hegel, HD10 D/A Converter: $399 + applicable sales tax