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Hitachi is a hifi brand that often flies under the radar, being skipped by collectors in favor or Sansui or Pioneer.  In reality, Hitachi offers a superb value for audiophiles interested in a great-sounding and great-looking vintage "silver face" receiver with plenty of additional features.  

The SR-804 is a 50 watt per channel stereo receiver with an excellent on-board tuner.  What makes Hitachi's design unique was their incorporation of the "DynaHarmony" circuit which would supply the internal MOSFET amplifier with additional current for micro-seconds on-demand, allowing for transient response more than double the RMS power output.  The result is a very capable amp that can drive 4 ohm speakers effortlessly. 

Power output and tuning meters complete the clean silver front fascia.  Featuring a dual Tape loop, Phono Input, Aux, and AM/FM Stereo tuner, the SR-804 is a complete system with that quintessential vintage audio look and sound.  

This unit has been completely reviewed by our tech with a clean bill of health.  All controls cleaned, tuner calibrated, outputs tested.  Trouble-free operation with our 30-day guarantee. 

Demos always encouraged!

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