HUB Wireless Network Converter

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The Bluesound HUB is a wonderful little device.  The HUB provides unmatched connectivity for conventional audio equipment and allows them to operate wirelessly on the BluOS environment.  You can experienced unmatched control and sound quality throughout your home (or business) with the HUB.  

The HUB is able to take legacy, non-networkable digital and analog sources, and convert them to the BluOS high-fidelity streaming platform.  Your living room turntable can now to be streamed to your kitchen while you prepare a meal.  Want to listen to the game on your patio, your TVs HDMI signal can be converted and streamed to your outside entertainment area.   With a few taps of the BluOS Controller app for iOS, Android, or Mac or PC computers, you have all the control and flexibility you need for modern and vintage audio sources. 

  • Connect any wired audio source to the HUB to bring it into your Bluesound ecosystem
  • Stream your CD and vinyl collections anywhere in the house without being limited by wires or proximity
  • Low noise, wide-band moving magnet phono stage acts as a network turntable preamp for hi-res playback of vinyl
  • Use the HUB with a pair of Bluesound Pulse speakers to upgrade your TV sound
  • Enjoy five input options: HDMI eARC, Coaxial, Digital Optical, Stereo Analog and a moving magnet Phono stage to support your music devices
  • Play one analog and one digital stream simultaneously to different Bluesound or BluOS players
  • Easily choose any HUB input as the audio source for your Bluesound player with the BluOS app
  • Connect to the network with dual-band Wi-Fi or Gigabit ethernet
  • Universal USB-C plug and play power

Bluesound HUB Spec Sheet Download