Icon Acoustics Parsec, Full-Range Towers

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To name a speaker after astrological symbols or celestial bodies is not really a stretch, many have done it in the past, and some with great effect.  Rega's Saturn CD players, Duevel's Planets loudspeakers, and even Simaudio's Moon line of components come to mind.  But when Dave Fokos set out to design a speaker system that he thought was far and above the performance of other products on the market, he really set his sights out there: a Parsec out there, for example.  

Icon itself was a relatively unknown speaker company from Billerica, MA from the early 1990s, with a short history and only two reviewed products: the Lumen and the Parsec.  The Parsec was Icon's top of the line model and consisted of a 1" SEAS aluminum dome tweeter (the same found on many other high end speakers of the era), a 6.5" Vifa poly cone midrange, and 10" graphite and paper pulp cone woofer.  The dual-front-ported cabinet is solidly built, with copious internal bracing and a specially-designed internal resonance chamber for the midrange.  In its day the speaker was lab tested to be 30-20,000 HZ +/- 2dB, with only 1.5dB of variation between 300-20,000 Hz.  These are extremely impressive numbers for a system that originally listed for less than $1,500/pair!

Our Parsecs are surrounded by beautiful real walnut veneer.  The 49" tall, 89 lb cabinets are quite massive, so we decided to soften the appearance and improve physical stability by fabricating our own boomerang-shaped outriggers from a unique building material called Paperstone, known for its strength and rigidity.  

The speakers have a very delicate presentation and immersive sound stage.  The grilles are designed with acoustic foam lining the area around the tweeter to reduce diffraction when on.  But when the foam is removed the top end gets a little more lively.  Bass extension is FULL everywhere in the room.  There's nothing lacking in these speakers. 

Capitalize on this unique opportunity to own a very rare, and very well-conceived speaker system. 

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