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Infinity was hitting its stride in the 1980s with a wide range of products from modest, yet impactful bookshelf speakers, to insane design innovations spawned from their EMIT/EMIM tweeter and midrange designs.  These high-efficiency flat panel transducers provided amazing transparency in the upper frequency ranges, and low-crossover points to allow for easy integration with accompanying low-frequency drivers.  Infinity ran boundless combinations and designs with the EMIT/EMIM range, topping out in 1988 with the Kappa 9, the largest and most complex speaker in the range.  

The Kappa 9 utilized another design innovation, Infinity's polypropylene midrange, and lower-midrange drivers, which used the latest in polyamide material science to create flexible, wide-dispersion drivers that integrated perfectly with the flat panels Infinity became famous for. These innovations had been time test on Infinity's halo offerings, the IRS V, Beta, Delta, and Gamma.  The Kappa series allowed owners of the stately 60" tall Kappa 9 to share in the dynamic range the larger cousins offered, but at a fraction of the cost. 

The Kappa 9 is a 5-way design: SEMIT and EMIT tweeters, 3" Polydome-K midrange dome, 5" Polygraph-K mid-bass with rear "coupling" chamber, and twin 12" hybrid polypropylene and graphite woofers for outstanding low end.  Crossovers used high-quality capacitors and tone controls to allow the user to tailor output to their room characteristics.  

These speakers have had all four woofers and both Polydome-K midranges restored, performing back to their fullest potential.

All together, this system is incredible.  It plays all music with authority that's hard to beat.  There is nothing "vintage" about the sound.  It's clear, clean, dynamic, and robust.  Grab these speakers and supersize your order with a 200+ watt per channel power amp (for starters) -- An Adcom GFA-5800, which we also have available, for example.

No disappointments.  Demos highly encouraged!

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