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In about 2001-2002, Harman Corporation tapped into the speaker design talent of Andrew Jones; a well-known "gun for hire" in the industry for companies seeking the highest bang-per-buck performance in small packages.  The Infinity Composition Series was largely attributed to Jones and although the line only survived a few years, the speakers resulting from his efforts really display some considerably accomplishments. 

The Overture 2 was the second-in-line in the series, sporting a 1" dome tweeter, dual 5.25" poly cone midranges in a d'Appolito configuration, and dual 6.5" poly cone low frequency woofers positioned front and rear on the speaker.  The 6.5" woofers are powered by an internal 150 watt amplifier which is precisely calibrated to bring the most out of the woofers' small profile. 

Overall this example is in excellent condition, and sounds like it just came out of the box. All components function 100%.  The cabinets are in very nice shape with only the smallest possible imperfections.  The grille cloth is in great shape with a few of the pegs missing, but they are still held on securely.   

These speakers will surprise you.  Very smooth, even-tempered sound. Nice presentation in the midrange, and no shortage of bass and mid bass presence.  But not boomy in the least. 

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