Infinity RS1 Bookshelf Speakers - SOLD

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So these are really very good... they have NO RIGHT playing as well as they do. Same polypropylene bass driver material the bigger Infinity's in the line use, just smaller. Honestly, we've had mini monitors costing  3-4x as much that aren't this fun. They are "all there" bass is quick and punchy albeit within limitations. Highs are airy and delicate. They're excellent with vocals and do a fine job with simple uncomplicated music. Have to say we are really enjoying them with a vintage Nikko receiver. The pairing is so very nice!!

Come have a listen to these super clean (8+) condition Infinity bookshelf monitors or buy with confidence via this website.

Infinity, RS1 Bookshelf Monitors: $99.00 + applicable sales tax

*Stands NOT included