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The Infinity RS, short for Reference Standard, model 5b loudspeakers are medium sized powerhouses.  Sold between 1984 and 1986, the speakers fell right in the middle of the RS line - Big enough to stand on their own, yet small enough to be classified as "bookshelf" speakers.  Like the larger RS offerings, the RS5b features Infinity's signature EMIT ribbon tweeter, this time combined with a Polydome midrange and 10" poly cone woofer.  This system is compact, yet powerful, with compelling midrange presence due to the unique dome in the middle. 

This pair of speakers are finished in the original Oak veneer, which is in very presentable shape with only a few minor scuffs along the back edges, typical for a speaker 40+ years old. Woofer foam has been redone.  Grille cloth was replaced some years ago, but shows minimal signs of wear.  There is very minor splitting along the top/back edge of one speaker.  None of these anomalies are show-stoppers, and certainly none affect sound quality. 

Demos are highly encouraged in Lawrence, MA

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