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Infinity, Reference Standard II - has been called "a less expensive version of the world's most accurate speaker." - HiFi Compendium 

Since its inception, Infinity has been setting new standards of accuracy in music reproduction. Its speakers are designed to, as closely as possible, translate acoustic theory into practical reality. There are two theoretically ideal ways of propagating sound in a room environment; the line source and the point source.

The Infinity Reference Standard, introduced in 1980 as a no-compromise state-of-the-art speaker system, approximates line source propagation, in which the sound source must be infinitely long vertically.  Due to the sheer size and cost of the original RS system, Infinity announced the Reference Standard II, a practical simulation of point source theory.

In the RS-II, the point-source concept is simulated by decreasing the size of the radiating area as the frequency increases. Thus, the source is always small compared to the wave length of the sound being radiated. The system's diffraction wing design and dipole drivers in the high and mid-frequencies create excellent depth, breadth and clarity of musical image. The dual 10" woofers in a new Infinity/Watkins woofer/subwoofer configuration are in their own enclosures for incredible, powerful bass response.

This set have been tested, refoamed, and cleaned up here at the shop and the end result is very special.  Have them tethered to a fantastic stack of NAD Monitor Series electronics and the result is nothing short of amazing. These truly need to be heard to be fully appreciated.

Come have a listen to this extraordinary vintage Infinity speaker package here at the Lawrence showroom or purchase with confidence via this website.

Infinity, RSII Loudspeaker System: $999 + applicable sales tax 

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