JBL 4682 Professional Monitors, Line Arrays, Roadies! - SOLD

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Selling a pair of very rare, VERY nice sounding JBL 4682 Professional Monitor, Line Arrays. These are stage monitors in road cases and were used by a local band for decades before they finally hung up their microphones. Each driver has been tested and works perfectly. One woofer has dimpling on the dust cap. The road cases are in pretty good shape considering their usage and age. The drivers consist of four K110 high efficiency low-frequency components with the 2902 high frequency "bullet" ring radiator on top. Crossover point is at 3kHz. Up to 300 watts capable RMS, 600 watts peak power handling. 8 ohm impedance.

These are priced $4K and up elsewhere. $2,500, includes freight shipping. 

Demos are welcome in Lawrence, MA