JBL 375 Drivers and "Smith" Horns, RARE, Golden Age of Audio

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JBL, or James B. Lansing Sound, Inc., is one of the most storied and prolific audio manufacturers in the world.  Founded in 1946, JBL revolutionized how consumer audio products were designed, produced, and marketed.  JBL was known for taking older driver designs and layouts from brands like General Electric and Western Electric, and modifying those designs to suit the needs of a rapidly growing post-WWII hifi market.   The lauded 375 high-frequency compression driver, developed in the 1950s, was one such example of this type of product. 

The sound produced by some of these early home systems is unlike anything else on the market today.  JBL's drivers produce high-efficiency, impactful, and rich sound with a characteristic JBL signature.  The compression drivers reproduce vocals and instruments with authority, but without harshness.  

The 375 is legendary, and very hard to find in working condition. We have a set here and they are extraordinary. Replete with the original "JBL" stamped red wax seals, the diaphragms are confirmed to be original.   These drivers are combined with JBL 2328 throats and 2397 horns.  The horns, often referred to as "Smith" horns, are known for wide dispersion, low distortion, and excellent control.  In fact, many Smith horns were used in recording studios of the era for just these reasons. The design has been copied many, many times-over with multiple YouTube videos illustrating how to DIY a set of these remarkable devices.  But, we can save you the trouble!  Because these are original, serial numbered, vintage Smith horns.  And they are ready to rock!

Couple these drivers and horns with a sub enclosure of your choosing.  The frequency response of this system is 350Hz to 12,000Hz.  The magic of the midrange, especially with vocals will give you chicken skin!  Amazing.

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* Note, A set of LE15A woofers, re-coned with modern 8 ohm parts, are also be available for purchase separately to complete this system.