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In 1980 JBL updated the wildly successful & much heralded 4311 with the 4312. Visually, the 4312 is like a 4311 with the metal label on the front panel flipped. By design the 4310 and 4311 should be mounted so that the bass driver sits on top of the midrange driver and the tweeter. The 4312 on the other hand should be mounted with the bass driver at the bottom. Except the change of the look the rest of the design of 4312 is the same as 4311. The crossover and the drivers remain the same as 4311B.
A pair of 4312s has been with me through the birth of my kids all the way through college. I've never enjoyed a speaker more than these JBLs. They're not perfect and can be a bit dry sounding. They are painfully accurate so your source better be clean. HQ recordings be it LP or digital (DAC) is a must, will shine brightest through these monitors. Give them a little juice and these JBLs begin to rock like no other speaker I know of. PURE JBL West Coast magic. So 
much has been written about these and their consumer friendly L100 that I really can't add more other than if you haven't heard a set, put it on your to-do list. Just love them - you will to.

This particular set is in excellent condition. Beautiful high-grain walnut just got two coats of beeswax and they are stunning. We've had them playing for 3 days straight and if you look at the pics. There's a MAGNIFICENT set of 4315s (will be offered soon) right in back that very well may be the greatest, most musical and otherworldly speaker we've experienced in this shop. The 4312s are a wonder kin to those iconic/legendary studio monitors.

Come have a listen at our Lawrence shop or buy with confidence via this website.

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