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So these JBL 4315AWX is/was considered a compact 4-way speaker system among the studio monitors in JBLs pro monitor line. It's almost a laughable statement until you lay eyes on a set of 4355s . What we will emphatically say is that these JBLs are as close to the perfect speaker a lover of live music is ever going to get. Furthermore, as scarce as these are, we can promise you will NEVER come across another set in this condition. They are by all accounts BREATHING. 

The 100lb cases are equipped with a 30 cm cone woofer 2203A for the low range, a 20 cm cone woofer 2108 for the middle and low range, a 13 cm cone scoker 2105 for the middle and high range, and a horn type tweeter 2405 for the high range. The enclosure uses a bass reflex system. In addition, it can be suspended by the support metal fittings on the back.

There were two variations in finish: the 4331A used a gray finish and black grill (very cool) and the 4331AWX that pairs a walnut finish and blue grill & baffle. This denomination is what collectors search high and low for. The 4315 like all JBL Studio Monitors are strikingly accurate and if you like your music at concert hall levels, trust us, these deliver. But they are so much more - they are accurate in a musical way that's unapproachable by other speakers in this range. As a matter of fact, to get this level presentation in a contemporary big monitor from Focal or Adam you'd be in the $20-$25K range. Make no mistake, these 4315 are INCREDIBLE and need to be heard to be believed. Flawless finish with 16 perfect corners and high grain furniture grade walnut in extraordinary shape. Just beautiful from any angle.

Come down fo the shop with your favorite music in hand and be ready for a moving musical experience.

JBL, 4315 Studio Monitors in 9+ condition all around: $4199 + applicable sales tax.

*Freight Shipping Only & we have the Original Boxes and Packaging as well as ALL Original Paperwork

** Walnut Stands NOT included