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JBL, or James B. Lansing Sound, Inc., is one of the most storied and prolific audio manufacturers in the world.  Founded in 1946, JBL revolutionized how consumer audio products were designed, produced, and marketed.  JBL was known for taking older driver designs and layouts from brands like General Electric and Western Electric, and modifying those designs to suit the needs of a rapidly growing post-WWII hifi market.   

The sound produced by some of these early home systems is unlike anything else on the market today.  JBL's drivers produce high-efficiency, impactful, and rich sound with a characteristic JBL signature.  The compression drivers reproduce vocals and instruments with authority, but without harshness.  

The JBL C60 (S7R) "Sovereign" home speaker system was available between 1962 and 1967.  The "Sovereign" monicker was attributed to the detailed midcentury low-slung cabinet design with solid oak trim work.  C60 indicated the driver orientation, and the suffix, in this case (S7R), indicted the exact driver compliment. Here we feature the following:

- LE15A AlNiCo 15" Paper Pulp Cone Woofer

- PR15 15" Paper Pulp Passive Radiator

- LE85 AlNiCo 1.75" High Frequency Compression Driver

- HL91 Acoustic Lens

- LX5 2-way adjustable crossover 

These speakers are stunning examples from the time.  The cloth-covered grilles, extended overhang, and low body, make these the quintessential mid century design.  The speakers are as much about the look as the sound, but the sound is extraordinary.  We have enjoyed these speakers with many amp choices, from vintage McIntosh and Marantz, to modern tube offerings from Octave Audio and Jolida.

Of note on this, single-owner pair, one woofer has been refoamed and the other reconed, to the owner's estimation, about 10 years ago. You may notice these tasteful repairs in our photos. 

These are a "halo" speaker, and and end-game for most.  Demos are available.  

$2,999 (plus applicable sales tax)

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