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The JBL L46 is a compact, two-way bookshelf speaker system whose components are said to provide performance typical of quality three-way systems. The L46 has an 8-inch woofer in a ported enclosure crossing over at 3 kHz to a 1-inch dome tweeter. The system impedance is 8 ohms, and it is designed for operation with amplifiers delivering between 10 and 100 watts per channel. The enclosure of the L46 is veneered in oiled walnut and has a dark-brown grille cloth retained by plastic snaps.

The woofer of the L46 employs JBL’s Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG) magnetic structure. First used on higher-price JBL speakers, the SFG creates a symmetrical magnetic field in and around the voice-coil gap, greatly reducing second-harmonic distortion during normal operation. The woofer cone is of paper laminated with a plastic damping material, and it is supported by a rugged die-cast frame.

The tweeter’s dome diaphragm is formed of a phenolic material and coated with aluminum by vapor deposition. In the crossover network, the large capacitors are all shunted by smaller capacitors, a technique said to improve the waveform accuracy of the speaker system. Since the driver sensitivities have been closely matched, the manufacturer chose not to provide a user-adjustable tweeter control.

The enclosure of the L46, relatively compact even for a bookshelf speaker, has been designed for the deepest possible bass response consistent with the design constraints. It is constructed of 3/4-inch-thick wood, it is heavily braced internally, and it is damped with fiberglass. Unlike most inexpensive systems, the L46 cabinet has a fine, hand-rubbed wood finish.

Have to say that these JBL 2-ways are shockingly great. We'd never heard a set before... many of the bigger more notable (iconic) monitors yes and are each excellent. These L-46 are right in the mix. Bass is rhythmic, quick and punchy. Mids & highs integrate exceptionally well for a full bodied, lively "west coast sound" sonic signature. 16 square corners and lovely real walnut veneer with just the slightest signs of wear. These are a super clean set of L-46 that play amazingly. Recently re-foamed & capped so ready yo rock for the next 25yrs. Pair them with a vintage Sansui, AU-888 (also offered) and you'll have the base for a killer vintage setup.

Come have a listen to these fabulous vintage JBLs at the Lawrence shop or purchase with confidence via this website.

JBL, L-46 Bookshelf Monitors: $429 + applicable sales tax 

*Linn stands NOT included