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JBL Has a record of making very good speakers and the JBL L112 is no different. Where the JBL L-100 might still have had some weak spots, the L112 is frequently claimed to be one of JBL´s best 12″ 3-way speakers. The price for a pair was around $1100 in 1981 so you know they put all the good stuff inside their beautiful walnut cabinets.

JBL´s L-100 did not only sell more units than any other speaker at the time, but it remained a fairly popular and respected speaker until today. However, the model did not fully convince with its performance and later models were improved repeatedly. The JBL L112 has shaken off the L-100´s weaknesses. Both speakers do share the same series specification (L-series), but their components are completely different, from the crossovers to the individual speakers, not much is similar. The L112 uses the 128H woofer with a far higher power handling than the L100. The 128H found usage in the companies home and professional speakers. The L112´s tweeter is another superior piece of equipment. The L100’s have the LE20 tweeter, a fairly moderate tweeter, which has not been too convincing in the professional setting. The L112 has the tweeter model 044, a by far better tweeter.

The nice features about the JBL L112 include the ability to adjust each level of sound individually to produce the right balance for any room size. The high and mid-frequency controls are hidden behind the removable grill and can be adjusted to suit your needs. Placement of the speakers is paramount to optimal performance as is adjusting the level controls. The grill helps keep the exterior of the JBL L112 intact and help the speaker remain clean and attractive.

So you've been looking for a set of L112s and every set you've seen is totally banged up, beaten on and have been fed a constant diet of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith & The Clash since 1978... well, not these.  Lovely cabinets, bass drivers just refoamed with correct foam and ready for the next 40yrs. This is the set you've been waiting for, no disappointments! Only the slightest wear and sun fading - just a super vintage vibe and natural patina; they'll be the stars of your system. Come with matching walnut JBL stands putting them at just the right listening height.

Come demo these special JBLs at our Lawrence showroom or purchase with confidence via this website.

JBL, L112 Home Monitors: $1,499.00 plus applicable sales tax