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JBL, or James B. Lansing Sound, Inc., is one of the most storied audio manufacturers in the world.  Founded in 1946, JBL revolutionized how consumer audio products were designed, produced, and marketed.  JBL was known for taking older driver designs and layouts from brands like General Electric and Western Electric, and modifying those designs to suit the needs of a rapidly growing post-WWII hifi market.   In 1957 JBL rocked the rapidly expanding mid-century audio world with the introduction of the Paragon system; a large, curved, flowing speaker system designed to create a visual statement in any room.  In 1986, JBL sought to do it again with the introduction of the D55000 Everest; an over-the-top, horn-loaded, room-commanding system that pushed JBL back to the pinnacle of speaker design.

The sound produced by some of these early home systems is unlike anything else on the market today.  JBL's drivers produce high-efficiency, impactful, and rich sound with a characteristic JBL signature.  The compression drivers reproduce vocals and instruments with authority, but without harshness.  

In 1994, JBL decided to do it again, but this time for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) only. They introduced the S2600 speaker system to provide a high-end, statement loudspeaker for customers overseas who didn't have the space for the bigger Everest speakers.  The S2600 was born and is sometimes seen associated  with the "Baby Everest" monicker. The system uses a specially designed 12" Aquaplas paper cone woofer (ME120HS) and 2426H upper range driver behind a H2600 horn which shares almost the same exact profile as the big Everest D55000.  The wedge-shaped cabinet is designed to reduce standing waves.  The system is a full-ranger, easy to drive, and extra-efficient at 91 dB.  These speakers combined with a traditional McIntosh tube amplifier...Like the MC240, is a match made in heaven.  

These ultra-rare speakers are part of a large collection of audio that we are thrilled to represent.  Every piece has been lovingly cared for and in excellent physical and sonic condition.  For the JBL fan who has seen it all, these S2600 are very very special. You won't find another set in North America in this condition.  PERIOD!

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA.

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