JSE Infinite Slope, Model Two... Extraordinary Speaker System

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JSE ("John Sollecito Engineering") was founded in Connecticut with a concept that John helped develop with Richard Modafferi called the "Infinite Slope" crossover.  The idea was to create as speaker crossover design that disappeared acoustically and electrical from the circuit.  Although the secrets to the design are shrouded in mystery (and lore has it, decades-long feuds between John and Richard) the result is a crossover slope that is so steep that it almost acts as a seamless transition between drivers, with little frequency overlap.  

The Infinite Slope Model 2 was JSE's largest model.  A 4-way dual-woofer design utilizing a tweeter, midrange, mid-bass, bass, and low-bass driver complement.  Each driver hands off to the one next to it in this seamless fashion and despite the speaker's physical size, it's very hard to determine where each frequency is coming from, even when sitting as close as 3-feet from the front baffles.  The speakers disappear acoustically in a room and provide a completely immersive listening experience. 

These fine examples are covered in updated cherry veneer.  All drivers are original and perform to spec after being extensively tested and updated by our expert speaker tech. The result is beautiful overall presentation & in wonderful condition. 

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA. 

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