JVC JR-S401 Stereo Receiver, "80s a-plenty"

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JVC made more than just VCRs back in the day.  They did it all!  From turntables to camcorders, and even the occasional high-powered receiver.  JVC was often known for being on the leading edge of any of these categories and the JR Series of receivers was no exception.

The JR-S401 was introduced in 1978 and is a prime example of the design direction (confusion) that was going on in the audio industry during this time.  Star Wars previewed only a year prior, and the robotronics-looking aesthetic of the JR series was all the rage.  This was the future of hifi!  And to some extent, it was.  The JR series represented sentiments that resinated a decade later: all-in-one designs with simplified push-button controls instead of toggle switches, and a line of LED lights to guide the user along.  

The JR-S401 features 85 watts per channel of DC-coupled solid state output, and this rating is under-estimated.  Our unit tested at 100 watts per channel, full output, with less than 0.1% THD.  This receiver is actually a beast.  Plenty of whallop for large speakers of the era, but clean and clear enough to conduct critical listening in a fun and effective way.  The 5-band graphic equalizer is a neat feature and located right near the Balance and Volume controls it's set up like a mini-soundboard on the right hand side.   

Yet, there are aspects of this unit deeply rooted to the 1970s, like the dual VU meters: one for radio tuning and the other for L/R channel output. And the light blue backlights look super cool.  Everything checked, cleaned, and ready to rock!

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