JVC VL-8 Vintage Turntable, Grado Cart - SOLD

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JVC, The Victor Company of Japan, can date it's history back to 1927 as a very capable Japanese TV manufacturer; and as the inventor of the VHS cassette about 50 years later.  In the 1970s and 1980s, JVC was developing hifi equipment like many others and become known for having products with less fuss and better build quality than its competitors.  

The VL-8 turntable is one of JVCs crowning achievements in the vinyl space.  The thick, multi-layered plinth and custom-designed isolation system are the perfect underpinnings for the sturdy die-cast aluminum platter and ultra-quiet brushless motor. The oil-damped, lightweight tonearm provide a soft cushion for many types of cartridges, including those cartridges capable of 4-channel "Quad" recordings. Dual speed controls with pitch adjustment and an illuminated speed window give the user a clear understanding of how this table is performing.

This example is in excellent physical condition; barring a few very minor scars from age (like all of us! am I right?). The plinth, tinted top cover, arm, and all the inner workings are beautiful.  To top it off, this turntable comes with a custom-made padded vinyl, embroidered dust cover!  Cool.

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