KEF KC62 "Uni-Core" Powered Subwoofer

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Don't let its diminutive size fool you. The KC62 is a serious subwoofer.  It was designed specifically to mate with the LS50 and LS50 Meta loudspeakers, but is at home in nearly every system we have placed it in.  This mighty mite subwoofer delivers excellent bass response, with punch, in the smallest and most versatile package we have seen. 

As with all of KEF's products, design innovation abounds with the KC62.  With another patent in the works, the KEF Uni-Core woofer alignment creates a compound woofer with dual concentric voice coils and a solid unibody frame and magnet assembly.  The design is not only a space saver but also creates an incredible platform for the dipole cones to exert themselves with smooth and controlled movements.

The on-board 1,000w amplifier includes all of the adjustability one might expect from a product like this, including a 5-setting room placement equalization module, and optional wireless controller for the ultimate in room placement flexibility.  

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*Note: KW1 Wireless subwoofer adapter is available for this model, please enquire!