KEF Reference 102, Classic Bookshelf Monitor Excellence

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The Model 102 from KEF, one of the company’s Reference Series loudspeakers from the mid-late 80s, is a compact two-way system with exceptional bass response for its size, which is close to minispeaker proportions. Its 6-inch Bextrene-cone woofer operates in a sealed enclosure, and the high frequencies are channeled to a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter. The Rosewood-finished wood cabinet is extremely rigid, and even the black cloth grille is stretched on a solid wood plate that is retained by plastic fasteners.

Listening to the KEF 102 system, one quickly becomes aware of its smooth, easy sound, rarely experienced from speakers of its size, though it should be expected from speakers in its price class. The bass is NOT at all thin,... in fact, the speakers have a tendency to sound “warm,” imparting an audible but not objectionable upper-bass boost to most voices. For the most part, however, the sound quality was as neutral as we have come to expect from KEF. The Model 102 even displayed some of the same minor colorations as the KEF 105.2 system we have used for years as our reference speaker.

OK, so I can personally attest to the incredible sounds these boxes make - I owned a set for 31yrs! These are ProAc Tablette, Linn Kan "KILLERS" - the next owner of these little rascals will without question love them and enjoy them for a long time. Maybe even as long as I enjoyed mine! Oh, and did I mention these come as the complete system INCLUDING optional 102 KUBE, yep, they do. - BGR

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KEF, Reference 102 Stand Mount Speakers in Rosewood: $449 + applicable sales tax

*Target Open Stands are NOT included in this package