KEF Reference Model Three, Full-Range Towers

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The KEF Reference series speakers have set many standards, and received hundreds of awards and accolades from reviewers and owners worldwide.  KEF (Kent Engineering & Foundry) was formed 61 years ago by Raymond Cooke in Maidstone, Kent, UK.  In 1966, KEF developed a new line of drivers for use in the burgeoning broadcast business spearheaded by the BBC.  KEF's stamp on the BBC LS3/5A monitor, and the development of the first B110 composite cone driver, immediately established the company in the industry. 

Fast forward to the 1994-1999, nearly two decades after KEF's first in-house Reference line of speakers, and the Reference Model Three was introduced. The design of this speaker was a massive evolution from the models that preceded it. KEF started with their award-winning Uni-Q, concentric mid-tweeter driver combination; something that has since become KEF's signature standard design.  These drivers are paired with another front-facing mid-bass, and dual 8-inch "Coupled Cavity" bass units.  The alignment is akin to the 104/2 and 105/3 models prior, but modified and enhanced for smoother frequency response and greater bass extension without the KUBE equalization unit.

This pair of Reference Model Three also feature dual rear binding posts to allow for bi-amping, and a clean, modern black ash wood veneer finish that is still in excellent condition.  All drivers function 100% and use rubber surrounds for maintenance-free operation. These speakers have been well-kept and it shows!  And they sound they produce is open, dynamic, and in keeping with everything KEF has claimed to be over the last 61 years. 

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