KLH 2, 3-way Loudspeakers with Analog Bass Controller

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KLH is one of the oldest brands in the audio industry.  Founded in 1957 by Henry Kloss, Malcolm Low, and Josef Hoffman, the company was a massive success for decades, at one point manufacturing over 30,000 speakers per year.  What started with a couple FM stereos and clock radios, evolved into a speaker making juggernaut. The simple, 2-way KLH Six system is one of the most recognizable of any speaker system in history, and with the proper care can continue to "wow" listeners even today. 

Somewhere around the late-1970s, KLH developed a really unique series of speakers, the Model 1, 2, and 3.  These systems were arranged as 2-way and 3-way designs with relatively small drivers that produced surprisingly lively bass -- Something the industry had not really seen from a US company up to that point. Typically, big bass came from big drivers. The way these models achieved neck-snapping low-end was with the addition of a proprietary Analog Bass Controller.  This piece of electronics wasn't just an afterthought, but an integral component to the whole system...So much so that the system's warranty would be "void" if operated without it!

The KLH 2 fills the middle of the product line and can be used as a large bookshelf or large stand-mount speaker.  Imaging from the 1" dome tweeter and 4.5" poly cone midrange is quite good.  But the real shocker is the low-end response. The custom-designed and manufactured 7" poly dome woofer, with extended pole piece and enlarged voice coil can pump some serious air.  The Bass Controller has double duty, reading the speaker signal directly from the amplifier, automatically applying a counter-equalization, and then interjecting that EQ signal into the amp's primary signal path.  Cool. 

These speakers are in great physical condition and will surprise! 

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA 

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