Klipsch Forté II, Legendary Performance

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First introduced in 1989 and produced until 1996, the Forté II was the second generation large-format three-way design for customers wanting the benefits of Klipsch's game changing horn designs, but in a smaller footprint than the massive Cornwall.  The Forté II was improved to also allow the speaker to perform home theater duties as well as traditional 2-channel music. 

Klipsch Heritage Forte II Brochure (PDF Link)

The Forté II loudspeaker delivers an exceptionally "big" sound in any room. The speakers excel at complex musical compositions, blues, jazz, rock...Well, really any musical genre you can think of. The efficient high-frequency and midrange Tractrix horn drivers, as well as the reliable 12" low-frequency woofer work together to create a very smooth low distortion, dynamic sound.  The massive 15" rear-facing passive radiator allows enough compliance for the woofer to do its job, reducing the enclosures Fs, and enhancing a real nice low-end bump. 

While no longer in production Forté II speakers are still owned and listened to by Klipsch fans around the world. The basic premise hasn't changed since day one. 

This particular set has been incredibly well preserved.  The black oak veneer is in excellent condition.  The original grille cloth is also in excellent condition.  And all drivers are near perfect, and sound incredible... 16 perfectly square corners and no blemishes to speak of.

Demos are highly encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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