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The Klipsch KG4 was the top dog in the new-for Klipsch KG line in the late 1980s and early 1990s – There was a KG1.5, 2, 3, the 4, and then later 5 and up models. We've had KG2s, which are basically one 8″ and a tweeter (not horn) in a not-much-smaller cabinet and they delivers the goods in a big way. The 3s and 5s came later and were in narrower and taller cabinets as audio design tastes moved away from big squat floorstanders to home theater-style towers.

The KG4 is very sensitive (94db/w), so we were in no way expecting to need a lot of juice to get them pumping. And we were right. Have them playing with a beautiful vintage Mac, 1700 receiver at 40watts x 2 and they are absolutely glorious. We, like many others, prefer these to Heresy's - they're a lot alike but the 12" passive on the back provides tons of real bass - they are underrated little sound stars and this set is the CLEANEST set we've ever come across. Present like new with beautiful blemish free walnut veneer. These kg4 look and play like champs!


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Klipsch, kg4 high sensitivity horn speakers: $489+ sales tax where applicable