KRELL, KAV-250a - 2.0 Power Plant

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Quite simply, the Krell, KAV-250a wiped the floor clean, peeled back the carpet and then loosened the floor-boards of our shop. This amplifier should come with a warning along the lines of, "Immature and/or partially deaf headbangers: you have met your match."

It hasn't quite occurred to me how an amplifier like the KAV-250a manages to communicate a feeling of menace, force and authority no matter the source. What kind of wizardry is this... its making the Wailin Jenny's play like Motörhead on steroids. The decay of strings, the breathless of vocalists and a soundscape a mile wide. Instruments exactly where they should be in the soundstage. Seriously, this is one fabulous SS amplifier... in typical Krell fashion, its sound is heavy & thick but always nimble & musical. Played it with 4 different pair of speakers and each set snapped to attention connected to the 250a. A special amp for certain. Solid 8 in condition with a few signs of wear but no deal breakers... in performance, it turns up to 11. It's a killer amp that's does everything right. Totally gone through here in house by our expert tech staff and is ready to Kick Out The Jams for the next 30yrs 

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Krell, KAV-250a: $1599 plus sales tax and shipping when applicable.